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Acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing rhythms. For 5000 yrs. Chinese Medicine has treated the root of diseases as well as the emotions and all body’s energy, organ and systems.

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Acpuncture and Chinese Medicine to Heal your Body and Calm your Soul!

Meet Paula

I received my Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine and herbs at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA. I'm also a National Diplomat of Oriental Medicine, an Intuitive and Reiki Energy Healer. I use acupuncture, herbs, nutrition consults, creative visualization energetic work and exercises to help to bring a holistic balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Paula Capps

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Accupuncturist

At a young age I realized I was an intuitive. I was drawn to healing, Eastern Philosophies and yoga. I  knew what people were feeling and he conflicts they felt. It seemed to me that loving was much easier than people were making it. I found Eastern philosophies promote self honesty and an attitude of praise, prosper and promote of one other and that this helps facilitate standing in your own power with the love. I use my empathy for others in my work with  clients. I start with your needs and goals, listening to the physical, emotional and spiritual concerns you have. It's all about supporting you on your life's journey. We create a plan of action for your healing and motivate you. The goal is always to help you move forward and beyond your current issues of pain, stress and disease. And I believe Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine as well as supporting you r emotional well-being  help bring your inner gifts to the core further enriching and empowering you.

Our Services

The treatments I provide will help you achieve optimal health and emotional balance, allowing you to live the life you seek. 


Fertility & Women's Issues



What our customers write about us

“You are my total inspiration, I think about you, what you did for me, my husband and my daughter... I’m pregnant after 4 years of trying and thinking I couldn’t have another baby.” Jennie 38 “I was never able to conceive except by IVF and IUI. After seeing Paula once for Acupuncture I became pregnant before the IVF treatment could even take place.” Rachel 42

Rachel ~ 42

After three failed IVF treatments, I came to see Paula for Acupuncture. We combined weekly treatments with IVF and I became pregnant this last Christmas with a little girl.” Annie, 38

Annie ~ 38


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